Published: December 1, 2022 | Updated: February 25, 2023 # git init Universe “**If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe**” – Carl Sagan ![](2016-08-21-16.36.41.jpg) These are the voyages of the Voidship Ephemeral. An ephemeral log is a contradiction, but I like contradictions. This is a log of things both real and imaginary. ![](Pasted%20image%2020230224162106.png) It will include many updates from my adventures in cyberspace (aka. videogames) as well as random tidbits from my hobbies, random ravings (writing), and photographs of the world I imagine myself to live in. # What is this actually? 1. This is a selection of Markdown files from my [Obsidian]( notebook that I am using [Obsidian Publish]( to publish to the web. 2. This is a consolidation of all of my old blogs into a simpler format that is easier for me to maintain. Really this is just random junk that either: - I thought might be useful to people online. (Documentation) - I thought people online might actually enjoy. - Longer forms of stuff I posted to social media but couldn't fit. - Nonsense I want the Universe to know, even if it doesn't care. # But who am I? "He's just this guy, you know?" - Computer Nerd - Would-be Builder of Robots, Games and Animatronics - Gen X - Only Child - Classic and New Doctor Who Fan - Father - Survivor and Escapee from Religion ## Background Computers have been my hobby and passion since childhood. My hobby is to experiment with computers. ## Career Background - I have been a Full Stack Web Developer for about five years specializing in automation of business processes. - I was a Unix System Admin for ten years before that. - Before that I did Desktop Support for about five years. - And back in the days of yore I helped run a small ISP. - In short, I am a jack of all (computer) trades, and master of none. ## No really, who ARE you? [ChrisL8 on Github]( [Ekpyrotic Frood on Mastodon]( ## What is an "Ekpyrotic Frood"? [Of εκπυρωσις and Froods](Of%20εκπυρωσις Now it's time to get off of planet Earth! ![](Pasted%20image%2020230224162710.png) # Analytics I apologize, this site does use Google Log Analytics. I promise, all I want to do is know if anyone is reading anything here, and if so what, so I know if I should keep posting or not. I myself block these with my own browser, and I suspect you may also, but at least it gives me a mild idea of whether anything on here is important to people. I have requested that Obsidian provide alternative analytic mechanisms and I believe they are working on it. # Contact Me [Contact Me]( I'm also on Mastodon <a rel="me" href="">@[email protected]</a> #Site