Published: December 1, 2022 | Updated: February 25, 2023 # git init Universe “**If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe**” – Carl Sagan ![](2016-08-21-16.36.41.jpg) These are the voyages of the Voidship Ephemeral. An ephemeral log is a contradiction, but I like contradictions. This is a log of things both real and imaginary. ![](Pasted%20image%2020230224162106.png) It will include many updates from my adventures in cyberspace (aka. videogames) as well as random tidbits from my hobbies, random ravings (writing), and photographs of the world I imagine myself to live in. # What is this actually? 1. This is a selection of Markdown files from my [Obsidian]( notebook that I am using [Obsidian Publish]( to publish to the web. 2. This is a consolidation of all of my old blogs into a simpler format that is easier for me to maintain. Really this is just random junk that either: - I thought might be useful to people online. (Documentation) - I thought people online might actually enjoy. - Longer forms of stuff I posted to social media but couldn't fit. - Nonsense I want the Universe to know, even if it doesn't care. # But who am I? "He's just this guy, you know?" - Computer Nerd - Would-be Builder of Robots, Games and Animatronics - Gen X - Only Child - Classic and New Doctor Who Fan - Father - Survivor and Escapee from Religion ## Background Computers have been my hobby and passion since childhood. My hobby is to experiment with computers. ## Career Background - I have been a Full Stack Web Developer for about five years specializing in automation of business processes. - I was a Unix System Admin for ten years before that. - Before that I did Desktop Support for about five years. - And back in the days of yore I helped run a small ISP. - In short, I am a jack of all (computer) trades, and master of none. ## No really, who ARE you? [ChrisL8 on Github]( [Ekpyrotic Frood on Mastodon]( ## What is an "Ekpyrotic Frood"? [Of εκπυρωσις and Froods](Of%20εκπυρωσις Now it's time to get off of planet Earth! ![](Pasted%20image%2020230224162710.png) # Privacy I really wish I could tell how often this content is used, just so I know if it is helpful and if I should keep it out here, but the service I use doesn't provide any method other than Google Analytics and at this point I'm not willing to subject anyone to Google on purpose. So this site collects no information and hardly knows that you were even here, and certainly I cannot tell. Your ad blocker and privacy plugins should show this site as having zero "bad thingies". I have requested that Obsidian provide alternative analytic mechanisms and I believe they are working on it. # Contact Me [Contact Me]( I'm also on Mastodon <a rel="me" href="">@[email protected]</a> #Site